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Who We Are


We are teachers, social workers, administrators, school nurses, secretaries, parents, grandparents, neighbors, school staff, and born again Christians who have answered the call to pray for our schools.  We are humbled and privileged to be in the Lord's service.  We delight in prayer.

Our Mission

Every school a prayer center with God as the focus.

Classic Interior

Our History

Over twenty years ago, a group of women met at a local restaurant to organize a prayer group.  The Holy Spirit began defining our purpose as well as our name.  We were to pray for our schools and call others to a place of prayer for schools.  As we yielded to The Holy Spirit, our great teacher, He would teach us how to prayed how to Help There Pray Effectively.  God's Grace continues to enable us to grow and develop in prayer.

Our Vision

Every school a prayer center with God as the focus as seen by our beloved co-founder, Olivayon Holmes.

We are honored to serve as a prayer  bridge for mental, physical and spiritual growth for schools.

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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